Doctoral studies of pedagogy in English language

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Recruitment of international students


15th June – 31st August 2018

The Faculty of Education of the University of Lower Silesia is accepting applications for English-language doctoral studies in the field of Education for 2018/2019 academic year. The program of studies includes an attractive selection of courses taught by outstanding specialists from Poland and abroad. Qualified students can select to study following individual track of studies which foresees their participation in international programs (including summer and winter schools) organized in international academic partnerships. The 4-year English-language doctoral studies should be concluded by a successful doctoral defence upon which the doctoral candidate will receive a doctoral diploma in Education. For candidates from European Union member states, and EFTA member states, doctoral studies are free of charge.


Strzegomska 55, room 402 / 53-611 Wrocław
✆ +48 71 356 15 57 | ✉
from Mondays to Fridays – from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

Head of Doctoral Studies in Foreign Languages Prof. DSW dr hab. Lotar Rasiński

Additionally, we are pleased to offer full doctoral scholarships for three selected candidates, who will be supported under Integrated University Programs (Zintegrowane Programy Uczelni, grant no. POWR.03.05.00-00-Z215/17) from the National Center for Research and Development. Successful applicants will receive monthly stipends and will be required to focus fully on their doctoral research work (without other employment). They will have the opportunity to work on their research projects in a co-tutelle arrangement between supervisors from the University of Lower Silesia and co-supervisors from the network of partner universities, including the University of Innbsruck (AU), Palacky University Olomouc (CZ), University of Lisbon (PT), Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest or others. The candidates who wish to apply for the scholarship should mark this preference on their applications. The supervisors from the University of Lower Silesia include Prof. DSW dr hab. Lotar Rasiński, Prof. DSW dr hab. Ewa Kurantowicz, Prof. DSW dr hab. Hana Cervinkova and the preferred areas of doctoral research concentration are adult education and life-long learning, philosophy of education and critical theory, anthropology of education and educational ethnography. For more information, please visit:



The process of admission for a free of charge doctoral studies of pedagogy is carried out from 15th June to 31st August 2018.



15th June 2018 – 31st August 2018

Faculty of Education
ul. Strzegomska 55 (room 402),
53-611 Wrocław



6th-7th September 2018

Faculty of Education
ul. Strzegomska 55 (room 402),
53-611 Wrocław

Admission procedure:

PhD interview in English language, outline of a research project and required documents (listed below)::

  • admission application form for doctoral studies – available in recruit system,
  • curriculum vitae,
  • copy of identity card,
  • three colourful photographs (37 mm x 52 mm) taken without head covering, against light background,
  • copy of the diploma confirming secondary qualifications or a certificate of receiving master’s degree,
  • average overall grade of master’s studies confirmed by Dean’s Office of home university of the candidate,
  • declaration of prospective research/an outline of research project (max. 3 pages)*,
  • short description of master thesis (max. 3 pages),
  • an additional documentations confirming qualifications (publications, participation in scientific conferences, awards, internships, memberships in scientific student’s clubs, language certificates).

  • Ocena planów naukowych – 10 pkt
  • Dotychczasowe osiągnięcia (np. udział w konferencjach, publikacje) – 5 pkt
  • Stopień orientacji w dziedzinie studiów doktoranckich, czyli w pedagogice – 3 pkt
  • Średnia ocen ze studiów magisterskich:
    • 4,75-5,0 – 5 pkt
    • 4,5-4,74 – 4 pkt
    • 4,0-4,49 – 3 pkt
  • Rozmowa kwalifikacyjna – 10 pkt
  • Dodatkowe kwalifikacje – 5 pkt

  • Maksymalna ilość punktów – 38 pkt

University of Lower Silesia in the ranking of higher education Perspektywy over the years is considered to be the best, non-public higher institution in Lower Silesia district and one of the leading in Poland. Undoubtedly the strength points are outstanding experts, practitioners and specialists cooperating with the university. For many years University of Lower Silesia has actively cooperating with its graduates, thereby confirming the high level and practical dimension of conducted degree programs. On the basis of its privilege ULS established independent faculties: Faculty of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences and Technical Sciences which all of them provide education according to the international standards on 12 fields of study. University of Lower Silesia acquires a full academic qualifications (the authority to grant doctoral degree in the field of pedagogy and habilitated doctor in the field of pedagogy). Research-didactic classes are conducted on the basis of authorial and multiple awarded educational programs. Carrying out abroad studies and practice in the frame of Erasmus+ programme, a clear financial system and a wide range of scholarship funds are the big advantage of University of Lower Silesia. Numerous seminars, international conferences, specialized courses and trainings are conducted in a modern and friendly space of ULS campus.